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Created:February 24 2019 15:34:04 CST
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 Location:Republic of Singapore
 Organization:Ontology Foundation Ltd.
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ONTO is a comprehensive decentralized client product and an entrance to the Ontology blockchain system. ONTO allows you to build your own digital identity, store digital assets, and more, all with privacy protection ensured by cryptographic algorithms.

ONTO is an integrated user terminal based on Ontology Blockchain, which is an entrance of trust search engine and blockchain system. ONTO will help users to implement integrated functions such as digital identity management, digital asset management, distributed data exchange, etc. The digital identity in ONTO maps user's identity in reality. Users can use this product to build their own digital identity and multi-dimensional identity portrait, and achieve privacy protection by cryptography algorithm. ONTO can manage digital assets safely and reliably, and apply it to various scenarios. At the same time, ONTO establishes a reliable and controllable data transaction system for users through the authorization function and encryption algorithm. In the future, digital identity and digital assets based on ONTO will further support all kinds of social and collaboration scenarios.



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